Training for the professional who knows the importance of including the "whole" person in the search for wellness and health

How integrative training can benefit YOU . . .
Extensive weekend trainings on the integrative therapies can help you offer a holistic approach for the treatment and management of disease and lifestyle issues. Let guided imagery, journaling, nutrition, psychoneuroimmunology [PNI], neurolinguistic programming [NLP], and other grounded-in- science therapies add to your current skills within today's conventional medicine or wellness program.

Your healthcare system benefits . . .

  • The public is beginning to see holistic CAM therapies as a standard of care
  • Surveys are finding that empowered patients lead to better outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction increases profits through referrals and repeat business
  • CAM therapies are what can set a facility apart from the competition
  • Trained staff members can offer the public a better environment for healing
  • CAM therapies Increase the efficacy of modern treatments
  • CAM therapies are based on tools that have been scientifically researched and tested
  • Training like this can be incorporated into existing staff workflow so that overhead costs are not increased

Your healthcare facility benefits . . .

  • Employees feel greater confidence in handling anxious patients
  • Empathetic listening skills are heightened
  • Patient cooperation is increased
  • Teamwork between colleagues is enhanced
  • Employee job satisfaction is improved
  • Employee attrition due to “burnout” is reduced

WATCH this short VIDEO ... for it captures a few highlights from past guided imagery certification symposiums (includes sound)

As a certified practitioner you benefit . . .

  • You can use your own guided imagery ideas to help guide a patient through various health issues
  • You can add the help of metaphorical language to routine care when communicating with patients
  • You can explain the benefits of guided imagery to others
  • You can offer basic guided imagery introductory classes and support groups to the public
  • You can understand current research on crucial body/mind/brain interactions
  • You can apply fundamental understanding of guided imagery, journaling techniques, NLP, nutrition, epigenetics, and neurogenesis to common healthcare issues
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