• "I highly recommend attending this course. It will add to your knowledge base as you work with patients on their health journey. It's a new & important dimension to therapeutic intervention. We have unbelievable power to heal our wounds!

    This was well worth my time and investment. It will help me as much as it will help my patients. Sandy is fantastic! She keeps you interested and answers everyone's questions with kindness and respect."

    Phyllis McCann

    CTRS, in Psychiatry

  • "Integrative medicine is a blend of allopathic & complementary medicine for the best of both worlds and optimal medical wisdom.

    Dr. Jost has created an educationally interactive program that allows access to imagery treatment for all, assisting patients in awakening self-faith and giving them powerful tools to create healthy bodymind reflections and healing."

    Bruce Schmidt

    MA, LPC, ABMP, FAAIM, Dir of Integrative Med

  • “ This is an excellent tool for the medical professionals to have in order to assist our kids in coping with some of their treatment procedures.

    I can't say enough about Sandy's knowledge, presentation skills, & willingness to encourage..."

    Jane Kraus

    RN, BSN, OCN, in Children's Oncology

  • "Healing begins with an embodied vision of that very possibility.

    Dr. Jost helps people create powerful images to help those who are facing the challenges of life.

    Her empowering approach takes seriously the holistic premise that healing is an integrative process that best happens when a person’s own creative power engages with his or her medical therapies."

    Valerie Yancey

    RN PhD, HNC, RN, Professor

  • “This Symposium was very intensive, but I am grateful because now my C.G.I.P. designation really means something!!!!

    Your ongoing support is really unique Sandy. You mean it when you say "I'd like to hear from you!" Thanks to your encouragement, I am now comfortably and enthusiastically creating my own guided imagery scripts!

    … I am well on my way to becoming the best guided imagery practitioner I can be!”


    Carole Wilson

  • This class was enlightening, stimulating & far reaching in scope. Sandy’s warm personality, ability to teach with passion & enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of the bodymind relationship made this an incredible experience! I loved the one-on-one relationship established. She bolstered my belief that I really could do this work. After acquiring the skills, I now help clients with this remarkable healing art of guided imagery! It has proven to be an invaluable investment!

    Raychelle Iverson

    CGIP - www.vibranthope.com

  • This course is so much more than an on-line training course in Guided Imagery. One-on-one coaching with Sandy Jost helped me understand the material at a deeper level.

    I signed up with a goal to produce Wellness Programs and ended up with ideas to heal my community! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to help others!

    Vicki Atlas

    Vicki Atlas, CGIP
    Mind-Body Therapist
    Atlas Media Productions

Sandy Jost PHD Healing Images

About Sandy Jost

The career of Dr. Sandy Jost mirrors the progression of changes made within a scientific community that has come to recognize the power of connection between body and mind in health care and wellness.

Dr. Jost’s bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Delaware led to a research assistantship at Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in nutritional biochemistry. After graduation, she continued in research, where her work was published in noted journals, moving on later to become a Biotechnology Specialist at Monsanto in St. Louis.

But as her work in biochemistry progressed, Dr. Jost became increasingly drawn toward the on-going discoveries around the interaction between psychology and physiology. She was especially intrigued by studies which demonstrated that the power of thought could produce positive physiological outcomes like control high blood pressure or enhance the immune system. Even DNA is now recognized as no longer being impervious to psychological changes that can have a measurable affect. So Dr. Jost decided to seek answers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and received her doctorate from Westbrook University in psychology. It was in this line of work that Dr. Jost found her true calling.


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