Breast Cancer Thriver Segment

YOU have untapped internal wisdom in...

1) The body’s ancient thirst for ample sustenance
2) Your mind’s latest thirst for knowledge
3) The soul’s continual thirst for deeper meaning

Could there be some “little things” that you could do, which would make a BIG difference in your life and healing?

Could you "become a thriver” in a world that seems to be constantly dealing with cancer?

Do you also wish to help others become thrivers too?

These experts below have immense belief in your power to make a difference! So listen in as they discuss the things they wish to share about all the known things you can DO … and BE … that have a huge impact on your life!

This information is free to everyone BECAUSE it is NOT profit driven!

Click the link below my introductory video at the top of the page to join our community ONLY if you wish to learn more about future events.

If you listen with an open mind and expansive heart to these professionals, together we can change perspectives … and yes … lives!

Dr. Christine Horner shares why she left medical practice to focus on helping people like you know all that she now KNOWS to be the needs of the body, for your body wants you to know all about these “little things” so that it can truly heal!
Dr. Bernie Siegel speaks on how to invite the exceptional nature of the Healer Mind and Persona, so that you too can add these “little things” into your day in order that your truest human nature can be empowered to thrive!
Dr. Larry Dossey addresses the importance of including spirituality in one’s search for wellness so that you too can choose to invoke the “little things” that will give depth to who you are, and a voice to fulfillment for all of life!
Heather Jose discusses the needs of “real life” and its potential to get in the way, so that you can place some concrete support systems into your day that will help you to maintain focus on what’s really important!
And finally, Anita Moorjani shares with you her own personally revealing story of how Death itself turned out to be what empowered her most to understand more about Life’s wisdom, which ended up quickly turned her into the Thriver she was truly dying to be!

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