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by Sandy Jost, PhD1. January 2013 12:00

This is a blog that intends to offer lots of scientifically-grounded information that helps us be much more effective in this world. 

By exploring the wonders of the "bodymind" and its connection to everything being expressed outwardly to the world, we can all change our perception of what true health care (... and even our definition of wellness ...) can actually be. 

I look forward to a "meeting of the minds" here through discussions that can allow our bodies and minds to LIVE!



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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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