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Neurogenesis (changes in the brain) - is not just for kids anymore!

by Sandy Jost, PhD10. January 2013 11:35

What a surprise to discover that each brain's "pruning" process (when a child matures naturally into a teen) leads us to actually see fewer "possibilities" now as an adult!!!!


Learn how to keep your brain "evolving" ... into more than you can currently imagine!




Guided Imagery | neurogenesis

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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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