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Encourage ACTION with a cancer diagnosis!

by Sandy Jost, PhD9. January 2014 15:49

Most want to "DO" something when given a diagnosis of cancer yet they RARELY understand the POWER of what one CAN do ... with the MIND!


Find a person with breast cancer, for example, and you will find someone who cares about taking care of everyone else around them. So they tend to put themselves last in their list of priorities.


Yet, just as all the oxygen masks dropping from an airplane ceiling need first to be placed over a mom's own mouth BEFORE she places one over a beloved child ... so too must she find the time to CHANGE her mind and take it from its most natural state of "worrying" to a place where it is instead filled with images of "peace."


A stress free mind is the ONLY place from which an immune system can make its most healthy directives and do its best work. For you guessed it ... one's OWN healthy immune system is the MOST important defense a person has upon cancer!

Your brain is doing its best to "cope" with its fears by worrying. In fact, this seems to be the "job" of the brain to "worry," for worrying has indeed kept us "safe" when in the past the brain needed to strategize and plan for a wise escape for its body that was in danger from harm.


But once this same brain "knows" that it is facing a "foe" of cancer that now feels to be "bigger than life," it MUST STOP WORRYING and "surrender" to an even bigger "INNER KNOWING," that does indeed know what is needed in order to heal!


Guided imagery can help a person to FOCUS their somewhat stubborn mind on this place of "Inner Knowing" rather than this place of Inevitable Worry. Do not discount the importance of this action any more than today's most progressive of physicians have come to realize:


Dr. Lissa Rankin, a medical doctor and New York Times Bestselling author, is the perfect example of this understanding in that she found "the motherlode question" of her intake forms to be, quite simply ...

     - What does your body need in order to heal?

This question stimulated the most "intelligent" of answers from her patients ... answers that they "knew all along" but weren't always willing to ACT upon. 


So, what answer would YOU give to that question? 

... And if you honestly don't know, or wish to give your own brain some HEALTHY focus time with that place of Inner Knowing that holds sooooo much of this miraculous wisdom, please consider the ease at which a welcome guided imagery recording, when listened to regularly, can get you there:


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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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